Nude Marilyn Monroe Everyone has something they collect. Aunt Martha collects figurines. The guy down the street collects stamps. Did you know that some people collect adult magazines as a hobby? One example of an adult magazine collected by many is of Marilyn Monroe on Playboy magazine 1953.


The beauty of these magazines transcends time and why collecting is a hobby cherished by a lot of men. As Playboy is considering ending its publication after 63 years and after the death of its founder Hugh Hefner, the publication will soon be a huge collector’s item. You very well may have your own collection of adult magazines including Playboy.


Many people actually enjoy leafing through their collection of magazines. Unlike most collections, with adult magazines, you actually get to hold the magazine in your hand and enjoy its contents each time. You can even show off your magazine collection to others. How many guys do you know who have box after box of adult magazines? You probably know of at least a handful of guys like that.


Marilyn Monroe on Playboy magazine 1953

Your new favorite pastime won’t be an expensive one. Did you know you can save lots of money by buying yearly subscriptions to adult magazines? You’ll save big and that’s important when it comes to collecting pretty much anything. It means you’ll have the money to buy more adult magazines to grow your collection.


Think of your collection as a library. You can read and look at the magazines whenever you want. Unlike the internet where you have to sit in front of a computer, or need a smartphone or any internet connection to enjoy your collection. All you need is access to the magazines you cherish. Store them in a box or in archival plastic bags. There are also sleeves you can buy to keep your magazines in tip-top shape. The extent to which you protect your magazines is totally up to you. After all, it’s your collection!


Your satisfaction will increase as your collection grows. That means you’ll have even more to enjoy. Just imagine what your collection will be like after a year. You’ll have plenty of magazines to do whatever you want. Each page will be filled with interesting content that you’ll enjoy looking at again and again. The more subscriptions you purchase, the bigger your collection will be.


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