Adult MagazinesSome may find it odd that as a woman, I am a tremendous fan of adult magazines.  I find it incredibly sexy to see a man casually reading ANY magazine for that matter!  It’s no secret women are the greatest consumers of publications.  To find a man who enjoys reading and appreciates words intangible print is incredibly refreshing.  In this world of abbreviations (lol, smh, TBT, I could go on and on) and life experiences and thoughts relayed in 140 characters or less (yes, I am referring to Twitter), I appreciate a man who can read entire paragraphs. 


Some may say adult magazines are purchased solely for sexual stimulation, but I must disagree.  Sexual images can be found within a second from a simple internet search.  Sure, adult magazines are filled will provocative images designed to be pleasing and stimulating.  But they are also filled with unique content and articles that cannot be found on Google.  I find men who are purveyors of certain adult magazines to be quite appealing.  They are thinkers.  They are literate.  They appreciate art.  They enjoy women.  They are confident in their sexuality.  They are sexy.  They demonstrate an appreciation for simplicity with an air of sophistication.


Man Reading magazine

Adult magazines make fantastic gifts.  Of course, I am discriminating for whom I purchase a subscription. For the cost of a very few cups of coffee, I can give a gift that will be received and appreciated all year long.   If that subscription happens to be for a significant other, they are reminded of my generosity every month.  If our relationship doesn’t last a full twelve months (my usual subscription period), I enjoy the fact they are forced to think about me at least once a month when the magazine arrives.  I realize that maybe a little bit wicked, but it’s the truth.


I must admit that I happen to have two subscriptions of my own.  Adult magazines were once considered “taboo” for a woman to read.  Now, they are mainstream and enjoying a significant increase in women’s readership.  I can appreciate beautiful women without stigma or feeling ashamed.  I find it empowering.  Sure, there are some that may say these magazines are demeaning to women.  I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I see pages of beautiful and confident women sharing their assets with the world.  I enjoy the insight and ideas the articles give me.  They are usually very naughty ideas, but creative ideas nonetheless.  The content pertaining to health, fashion, relationships, and, of course, sex, is far more informative, insightful, and well-written than ezine articles submitted by young and inexperienced content writers with no real-world experience.  


Every man can benefit from a subscription to an adult magazine.  Aside from the gratification, they will undoubtedly receive by flipping through the pages, they will also find a wealth of information and level of entertainment that simply cannot be found scrolling through websites.  Adult magazines never go out of style.  They don’t break.  They don’t need to be recharged.  They are tangible and sophisticated.  They can be enjoyed for years.  And most importantly, they are just downright sexy and stimulating reading and viewing material.